Join or Renew your BAS Membership!

You know someone suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder, that’s the illness.  Bayside Adventure Sports is the cure.  In epidemic proportions, families are staying indoors and it is killing them – literally.  Research suggests that childhood obesity, increase in Attention Deficit Disorder, isolationism of families, stress levels, and even a possible reduced life-span for our children may be due, in part, to our culture staying indoors.  Is it happening to you and your family?  To someone you know?  Take a simple test – ask yourself, “How much time has our family had outdoors in the last month?”

Bayside Adventure Sports exists to use adventure sports to build stronger faith, relationships, and bodies.

As a separate California 501c3 religious Non-Profit Organization from Bayside Church, our insurance and overhead is nearly $30,000/year.  We choose a membership system rather than charging fees for participation at our over 200 day events per year.

Five Benefits of Membership

  1. Participation in over 200 BAS Events per year in 16 sports!
  2. Discounts of up to 25% at over 15 great local stores
  3. Enloe Flightcare Discounted Membership – download the application from the website and select Group (Bayside Adventure Sports) – only $30/year (a $20 savings for a family!)
  4. 20% Discount on all BAS logo items (store coming soon!)
  5. The satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the only ministry of its kind designed to reach the adventure community and help the sedentary, American family and youth get outdoors and experience Restoration through His Creation.

Please join me in supporting this ministry by becoming or renewing your membership, then come on out and join us in God’s great outdoors!